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Thanks to your support, we can continue to revitalize our green lungs in the coming years:

In Uganda we are focusing on mango, avocado or cocoa trees, because these all-rounders improve the soil and microclimate, provide additional income and can be easily reconciled with the interests of local forest owners and farmers. In Burundi, heavily cleared mountain regions – particularly important water reservoirs – and public areas around schools are being reforested. In Senegal, the population is also being supported in the sustainable use of natural resources and fire prevention measures. In all three projects, environmental education and sustainable agriculture and forestry with endemic species are top priorities, because reforestation can only be successful in the long term if it is carried out in cooperation with the local communities!

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Further information on the reforestation projects of JGI Austria can be found here.

Dr. Jane Goodall, the entire Jane Goodall Institute Austria team and „The Lichterfelde Club of Hope“ thank you from the bottom of their hearts for your support!

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„Our reforestation projects grew out of an effort to create forest bridges that allow chimpanzees to move between individual forest areas. Today, they are holistic projects that take into account the needs and requirements of people, animals and nature, and counteract climate change“, explains Diana Leizinger, executive director of the JGIA and reforestation project manager.

„The forest is for me a temple, a cathedral of tree canopies and dancing light.”

Jane Goodall sagt Danke!

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE
Founder Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace


Every year, large areas of virgin rainforest are victim to the greed of a few and the loss of so many. The results affect us all: climate change, polluted groundwater, drought, species extinction. In Africa, the habitat of chimpanzees is also endangered. The Jane Goodall Institute wants to take action here. Our reforestation projects in Uganda, Burundi and Senegal are as diverse as the problem they address: Planting trees is only one (important) part of it. We work with local communities, explain why an intact forest benefits their local ecosystem, take conservation measurements together, and launch initiatives to build tree nurseries, reforestation and renaturation. Thanks to your support, we can make a big difference:

By the beginning of 2022, the Jane Goodall Institute Austria has planted more than 3 million trees in Africa, and we are delighted that you will now be part of this success story!